Taxi from Nazca to Paracas, going rates in Peru

We hired a private taxi from Nazca to Paracas for  300 soles (approx £65).

We booked it through the hotel where we were staying, Nazca Oasis. I think the first amount mentioned was higher but like most prices in Peru, we knew there was some room for negotiation.

We said we’d ‘think about it and count our money’ and a little later, said we would go ahead if they could do it for 300 soles which was a good price for the taxi driver and great for us too.

The driver wanted 100 Soles up front to buy petrol, which was fair enough. He did get us a bottle of mineral water though, which was a nice gesture. Especially as we were travelling through the Peruvian  desert!

We paid the balance  of 200 soles when we arrived at our destination, The Bamboo lodge in Paracas, and he seemed delighted with the fare – he was all  handshakes and hugs! We are sure that we paid over the odds but if you consider that a 4 hour taxi journey in England would cost an absolute fortune, we were happy too! Plus it meant we didn’t have to hang around for the dreaded Cruz Del Sur puke inducing bus!  More on that story to come!!!

Nazca desert

Nazca desert

This was the view most of the way through the desert. The driver played a decent mix cd though of tunes like Stand By Me and Bob Marley. Not a bad road trip!

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