VIDEO of Xel Ha, water park in Mexico. The video shows Highlights of my amazing trip to Xel Ha waterpark in Mexico – zip lines, snorkelling, relaxing, cliff jumps, lazy river and lots of eating!

VIDEO of Xel Ha, water park in Mexico

My top tips are….

Wait to have breakfast

Go snorkelling before you get breakfast! The water gets all churned up and cloudy by mid morning because of the volume of people. If you can wait for an hour to eat, you’ll get the best view of the fish.

Get creative

If you don’t want to abandon your flip flops on the side of the water before you go on the lazy river or zip lines, tie them to your life jacket (which is mandatory). Saves you having to trek back to wherever you left them!

Buy tickets online

Tickets are usually cheaper if you buy online and it saves you having to bring extra cash with you. Remember to bring the cash card you paid with and your ID.

If you’re travelling around in Mexico…

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VIDEO of Xel Ha, water park in Mexico

I hope you enjoy my VIDEO of Xel Ha, water park in Mexico!

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Happy travels!